Genealogy Presentations by Shannon

Shannon Switzer Cherkowski


Navigating Genealogy Websites - Get started on your genealogical research journey. Explore a variety of comprehensive resources and receive helpful tips and tricks from an archives expert.

Unraveling Genealogy Resources at the Provincial Archives of Alberta - 
With 1000+ visits to their Reading Room, Shannon has vast experience using the genealogical resources housed at the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Learn some of the sleuthing techniques used to reveal goldmines of information available to the public.

Adoption Related Research....It's All Genealogy! - Often a birth parent or child/person relinquished for adoption may wish to find the other individual. There are programs in place to assist with this process. Gain useful information as the process is discussed and guidance is offered on this sensitive topic. Presentations only for those involved in the adoption triangle.

Choose from 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions.

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Shannon Switzer Cherkowski is an experienced Genealogist and Adoption Reunification Specialist. She has assisted people worldwide by obtaining genealogical information held in local archives and libraries and has solved over 450 adoption searches. Shannon's Research Services is a part of The Recents Site Ted has worked diligently the past 18+ years creating indexes from newspaper information aiding genealogy researchers all over the world. 

Shannon coordinated the Family Tree Tracker genealogy group at the Strathcona County Library from its inception in 2011 to the Spring of 2017 and volunteers actively in the genealogy community in many positions and tasks. Shannon is passionate about helping people find their roots and believes genealogy is about sharing and connecting.

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