Friday, 6 November 2015

Egad! It's the night before!

Making a list, checking it twice.... sure it's only November, but tomorrow is "Genealogy in the Park featuring Dave Obee"!!!!

Tammy and I offer our heartfelt thank yous to all who helped and will be helping, for spreading the word, set up of the hall, advice on electronics, coffee makers, the list is many things to get done, It's impossible for two people to do alone.  Thank you!

Tomorrow is going to be such a fabulous day. Presentations by Dave, always fantastic!, networking opportunities, and seeing our genealogy friends!

Tentative Revised Schedule

8:00am - Doors open
8:50am - Announcements
9:00am – “Genealogy by Google
10:00am-10:30am - break
10:30am – “Beyond the Online Basics
11:45am - Lunch (may start a bit earlier)
1:00:pm – “Decoding the Dash
2:30 pm – 15 minute break

2:45 pm “Geography of Genealogy in Europe” (approx. 1 hour).


~Shannon & Tammy

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