Comments, Compliments, Suggestions

Along my genealogy journey in the past two decades, I have met so many people and helped many more in one way or another on their own genealogy journey. I am always happy to provide advice through social media, email, phone and in person to anyone who asks.

Whether I have helped you through my business, Shannon's Research Services, genealogy or adoption related search, or by way of a random act of genealogy kindness, please feel free to leave a comment. How did you find me, where did we meet, feel free to mention a surname that I helped you with. Perhaps my associate and dear friend Tammy Lough helped you, comments for her are also very welcome.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!


  1. Dear Shannon,
    I was the recipient of one of your random acts of kindness - though I believe my friend Alison in Canada did give you one of her scrumptious jars of marmalade as a form of payment :)I had been searching for two sisters maiden surnames of Webb. Thanks to you I now have 2 very informative newspaper reports, one a marriage with all the wonderful details, and the other an obituary but again filled with dates and relationships of the next of kin. This was so lovely to receive all this info. which was hard for me to find as I am in the UK. Many, Many Thanks. Madelaine Simpson

  2. Hello Madelaine, Thank you for your kind words! It's been my pleasure to help you.

  3. Would I be able to use your expertise on a family rumor regarding the death of an Uncle? He died in Alberta in 1972 & family was told he was murdered. Malcolm Alexander MacDonald. Born 1895 in Saskatchewan. Wife Mary Lambie.

    1. Hi! Please contact me at Thanks

  4. Dear Shannon,
    I am so grateful for the talks that you and I have had about the events of my life in the late 1960s. When you and I first talked about them, I think that you could tell that I had not done sufficient processing over the last several years about what had happened, and it was so helpful to me that you were just open to listening and commiserating with me. The information that you found in your research was very welcome and helpful to me — the confirmation of my daughter's birth date; her mother's obituary and the documents relating to her passing; and the information about her resting place.
    In addition to this, I did really appreciate talking to you in general, because you have such deep experience in the whole area of genealogy, and such research capabilities, and such skill at asking and listening, and such good instincts about people, their thoughts, and their pasts. Thank you so much for your openness, and your generosity.